Women’s Health Clinic & Yoga in Horsham and Haywards Heath

Online support through coaching and meditative practices to build positivity and calm in this period of uncertainty.  Get in touch to find out more.

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New!  Women’s Sacred Circle – Yoga & Nidra weekly class every Wednesday  7.30pm – click for more info

Women’s health specialist offering a range of holistic therapies, coaching, and yoga and meditation in Horsham, Hand cross and Haywards Heath, West Sussex

I specialise in holistic therapies and coaching to support women with natural solutions for well-being, including menstrual health and menopause support, and stress and anxiety.  Natural ways to reduce period pain, PMT, irregular periods, mood swings, joint pain and other challenges .  Read more

Holistic ScarWork therapy for all scars including C-Section scar healing, mastectomy scar healing and joint replacements.  Read more

Holistic therapy, aromatherapy and Reiki healing for issues including pain management, miscarriage, fibromyalgia, CFS, pregnancy and sleep issues.  Read more

Womb yoga for supporting women with every aspect of life including fertility, menstrual and menopause health and the need for deep rest and relaxationRead more

Sessions individually tailored to support you – body, mind and soul

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Yoga & Meditation

My classes and workshops are about sharing yoga for well-being, offering you an invitation to make life calmer, happier and more peaceful. We move the body, but we also take the awareness inwards to find the peacefulness of spirit that abides there.  My classes are for you if you want to live a more contented and balanced life, ease stress and feel more connected on all levels – body, mind and spirit.  

Learn meditation now – it is an anchor in an uncertain world.

Yoga, yoga nidra and meditation classes online – details here

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Nalini Natural Skincare

I started to make natural products for friends that were experiencing skin problems which received rave reviews!  Inspired, I experimented and created a range that has become the hallmark of my love for nature, aromatherapy and natural, vegan products.  

High quality, hand-crafted natural skincare and ambient products – kind to your skin and kind to the earth.

Conscious ingredients and packaging.  

Find out more about natural products here

Herbal Workshops

I run workshops on healing herbs and making natural products.  A morning of creativity, nature and healing, and  some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making natural products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, these workshops appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, aromatherapy and natural herbal remedies. See the events page for more details.  

Free ‘Practical Magic’  healing herbs Ebook

About Nalini Wellness

Are you ready to take the next step in your own healing, self-care and value?  Do you want to empower your life and move forwards with confidence and enthusiasm?   Are you willing to really commit to yourself and take time for you?  If yes, I would love to work with you!

 With a background in holistic therapy, women’s coaching, yoga and meditation, and a profound understanding of our needs as women, my experience will support your own healing and fulfilment.  I offer women a safe and healing space, both individually and in groups.  

I educate and empower women into health and well-being through the two most fundamentally important aspects of our well-being  – the menstrual cycle and menopause!  Not understanding these fully is key to a lot of unhappiness, pain and lack of confidence.   

I also specialise in natural solutions for stress and anxiety.

 Combining holistic coaching and therapies, empowerment techniques, and the meditative heart of yoga, sessions are tailored for you according to your individual needs.

 Blog Post – ‘Why Yoga is so Good for Us During  Menopause’ – click here


“I have been a client, and friend, of Nalini for a few years now. In that time she has regularly treated me with Aromatherapy massage and trauma healing sessions. Nalini was the first person I turned to after I had pneumonia. Her approach combines a mixture of knowledge, skill, kindness and care. She is also hugely professional and trustworthy.

I have also attended her workshops for Menopause. These were a great combination of information, relaxation and fun!
Nalini encourages people with her authenticity and curiosity about life. Her warmth is infectious. I have, and would, recommend her to anyone” (Elaine, Social Worker)

“Nalini has this wonderful combination of humour and wisdom, a true connector.  Her enthusiasm and reverence for whatever it is she is teaching, from an herbal workshop, to meditation techniques, transmits as joy, and joy is inspiring. Her willingness to share her own journey, her own imperfections and humanness with humour and compassion towards herself….allows people to consider that for themselves as well”. (Andrea)

“Thank you again for such an insightful workshop – I came away less daunted and with a much more empowered attitude towards the Menopause!  A truly worthwhile experience shared with some lovely women” Emma (Menopause Workshop October 2019)

“Thank you Nalini for a really inspirational workshop.  I feel more peaceful and somehow more myself” (New Year Women’s Workshop Jan 20)