About Nalini

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I’m Nalini, qualified women’s wellness coach, yoga teacher and holistic therapist and healer.  I specialise in women’s healing and empowerment, offering expertise, safe space and support for health and well-being.

I started my career in humanitarian aid and delved into holistic therapy and yoga in my spare time.  What began as a hobby seduced me away from my career to live and work in the Ananda spiritual community and yoga retreat centre in Italy for many years, which reshaped my whole life.

After suffering with intense pain and PMT, I discovered Alexandra Pope’s work on Menstrual Cycle Awareness.  Because of the profound improvement in my symptoms, and relationship with my cycle and myself, I went on to  train with Alexandra as a women’s coach.  Working in harmony with our cycle is fundamental for our well-being and quality of life and I love sharing this transformative work with other women.

I qualified in womb yoga and yoga nidra to provide a rounded and unique approach to women’s well-being.  I am an aromatherapist and healer, and blend all my skills into bespoke sessions for you personally.  My approach is authentic and deeply rooted in my own experience.

I work with many issues including menstrual and menopause wellness, stress, anxiety, and grief.

Menstrual Cycle Workshop

As a ScarWork therapist, I use this effective treatment for integration and healing, both physically and emotionally, working with women who have had breast surgery including mastectomy, C-Section healing and many other scars.

I also hold space for acknowledging and healing  the underestimated impact of miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy and birth trauma.

I work with grief and trauma, using a combined approach of body psychology and yoga nidra, a gently approach that helps integrate experiences that have affected your life.

My own life experience and rich training enable me to offer you support, empathy and expertise on your own journey into healing and empowerment.

I run women’s circles and workshops.  In every circle, I witness the relief in women as they find somewhere where they can talk openly about their experiences and share with other women.


‘Practical Magic’ Herb Workshops:  On these fun and interactive workshops, we connect with Mamma earth and use her gifts to make our own products, always with a little bit of magic in the air!  Click here for info on current workshops.

Practical Magic Herb Course

My hand-made range of natural, vegan products, Nalini Natural Skincare, are available to order

I live surrounded by healing plants, many of which find their way onto my workshops or into my products.  I love animals, dance, travel, reading, journaling and being in nature.  I play harmonium and enjoy chanting, and follow the path of Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion.

Certified Women’s Quest (Red School) facilitator and coach.  Qualified aromatherapist.  Qualified  ScarWork Therapist (Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork).  Certified in Reiki, Body Psychology Techniques, and Bach Flower Therapy.  Certified meditation, Yoga, Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher.  Certified Dance of Awareness teacher.

It’s also my joy to head up the Ananda UK Meditation Community;  you can find more details here

What I observe is how you interact with people, be they students, clients, colleagues or acquaintances…. is you create a  connection, a space in a conversation or a literal space in a classroom or office that people feel safe and welcome.  (A. Roach)

A great listener, a sounding board for thoughts and ideas, someone who clearly has lots of experience of many different aspects of the world we live in, who has learned from their own experiences and who has enormous compassion for others. (T. Reid)

Keeping watch on the herbs!