About Nalini

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Hello, I’m Nalini – and a warm welcome to you.

I specialise in women’s healing and mentoring, and yoga and meditation, offering expertise, safe space and support for health, well-being and the art of living.

It is my joy to accompany you on your journey to wholeness, and to share my experience of how to live with more energy, vitality and happiness!


Whilst enjoying a satisfying career in humanitarian aid, I delved into holistic therapy and yoga in my spare time.  What began as a hobby seduced me away from my career to live and work in the Ananda spiritual community and yoga retreat centre in Italy for many years, an experience which reshaped my whole life.

My approach to life and to well-being is authentic, and deeply rooted in my own experience, enhanced by my many years of meditation practice.  I love sharing with others the tools and techniques that have brought me inner peace and happiness, but have also given me very grounded and  practical ways in which to deal with life’s challenges.

I trained with Alexandra Pope (Red School) in how to live life better through our menstrual cycle, and went on to train with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Women’s Wellness Yoga to give a rounded approach to my work with women.  I am also a fully qualified yoga and meditation teacher, ScarWork therapist and aromatherapist.

I offer therapy and recovery for many common health issues.  I also offer support and coaching for periods of stress, change, grief and loss.

I work one-to-one in person or online, and I also facilitate classes, workshops and retreats.

Ananda UK and Ireland – Meditation Community

It is also my absolute joy to head up the Ananda UK & Ireland Meditation Community, and to be an authorised Ananda Minister.  Ananda is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and is the major source of happiness and ‘how to live’ philosophy in my life.  Learning to meditate is an investment of your time and energy that will illuminate your life and put you in touch with an unchanging, inner happiness and stability.

You can find more details here

As a minister, I am able to offer spiritual wedding ceremonies, ascension ceremonies for loved ones who have passed, and house blessings.  – please contact me for more info.  I also teach meditation and share the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda through the path of Kriya Yoga.

One-to-one therapy, mentoring and coaching, find out more here.

Women’s Well-being  Classes and Workshops:  I  create sacred space to allow for deep relaxation and restoration for body, mind and spirit.  These lovely workshops always elicit big sighs of relief as women enter and leave behind their responsibilities for a few hours of great self-care!  Current events here.

‘Practical Magic’ Workshops

‘Practical Magic’ Herb Workshops:  On these fun and interactive workshops, we connect with Mamma earth and use her gifts to make our own products, always with a little bit of magic in the air!  Click here for info on current workshops.

Meditation Retreats and Women’s Retreats: I offer Ananda meditation retreats, and also women’s retreats dedicated to taking time out of our busy lives to touch our pure essence of joy and ease. Current events here.

Nalini Natural Skincare range

My hand-made range of natural, vegan products,  are available to order here.

I live surrounded by healing plants, many of which find their way onto my workshops or into my products.  I love animals, dance, travel, reading, journaling and being in nature.  I play harmonium and enjoy chanting, and follow the path of  bhakti (devotion), and Kriya Yoga.

Certified Women’s Quest (Red School) facilitator and coach.  Qualified aromatherapist.  Qualified  ScarWork Therapist (Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork).  Certified in Reiki, Body Psychology Techniques, and Bach Flower Therapy.  Certified meditation, Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher.  Certified Dance of Awareness teacher.  Authorised Ananda Minister.

Always check with your GP if you have any health or mental health issues before practicing yoga or meditation.


What I observe is how you interact with people, be they students, clients, colleagues or acquaintances…. is you create a  connection, a space in a conversation or a literal space in a classroom or office that people feel safe and welcome.  (A. Roach)

A great listener, a sounding board for thoughts and ideas, someone who clearly has lots of experience of many different aspects of the world we live in, who has learned from their own experiences and who has enormous compassion for others. (T. Reid)

Keeping watch on the herbs!