Classes & Events

 Yoga classes & wellness workshops in Horsham, Haywards Heath and Reigate

Regular Classes:

Tuesday 7pm – Gentle yoga, relaxation and meditation  (back in the studio Tuesday 28th July) Book with Cottesmore Golf

Returning to Total Therapy Holistic shortly for more classes – watch this space!

“Sacred Space” – Online Women’s Circle – Six week course starts Monday 7th September 10am -11.15am

Sacred sisterhood and a chance to sink into the mat and the earth’s embrace for some time out for you.

A deeper look into our lives and our core values – what are yours and are you living them?  If not, how can you start to do that?  Sharing with other women is inspiring and motivational – and very very healing.

Includes gentle yoga designed by women for women (Yoni Shakti). A softer practice that supports our natural rhythms. Permission for rest included with yoga nidra. Supports menstrual and menopause health, fertility, pre and post pregnancy…and all things woman.

A gentle and nourishing mix of restorative postures, gentle movement, breathwork and deeply relaxing yoga nidra – and time to simply be in a sacred space with other women.  Beneficial too for stress and anxiety.

These classes are deliciously soft, healing and restorative.   Investment for this course is £45 which includes 6 x 75 minute classes and lots of inspirational materials which will be emailed to you. Book here with Paypal


Dance Mantra  bi-monthly classes (resuming in October), with Nalini and Kathryn – more info here

Ananda Meditation and Chanting, Reigate  tri-monthly (online if not possible to meet) with Nalini and Leon – more info here

Workshops 2020

Practical Magic – Summer Herb Workshop

Sunday 16th August 10.30-2pmPrairie Garden

Sussex Prairies, Morland Farm, Henfield

Three workshops this year, each with a different theme – can be done as a course or individually.

Spaces limited to 8 this year instead of 14 to allow us a safe experience

On these inspirational workshops, Nalini will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, these workshops will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, skincare, aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Summer is going strong now and days are long and languid.  Nature is at her best and it’s a great time to get stuck into herbs for summer first aid, aromatherapy to cool things down and make some great remedies.  We will focus on cooling body lotions, protective lip balms and summer facial products.

A little bit of magic included in the midst of summer!

There will be time for a walking meditation in the gorgeous gardens, and sharing of how simple it is to bring meditation into our lives, however busy we are.

Book here with Paypal. £55 investment including all materials

Cool, Calm….and Totally Collected! – Yoga and Menopause-online

Saturday 5th September 2pm – 4pm 

Rest your bones and soothe your spirit!

Yoga offers a pathway to health and well-being through our whole journey of life, but perhaps during menopause, it really shows itself as being of optimum benefit.  From gentle movements to nourish aching joints and strengthen bones, to breathwork that eases hot flushes and overwhelm, and everything in between, there is something for all women to be gained from making a dedicated gentle yoga class part of their self-care.

The inclusion of restorative poses where we take the support of bolsters and blocks, are a joy to most menopausal women.  My personal feelings here are that, as well as the benefits of supported poses, there is an unconscious sigh of relief when women do these poses as they finally allow themselves to receive support after supporting others for so many years.  Part of the menopause journey is being OK with letting go and receiving support, and starting to say ‘yes’ to ourselves!  Gorgeously relaxing sessions of Yoga Nidra included.

Come and take some well-earned time out to ease into these gentle, nourishing practices that will leave you feeling more in control of your menopause.

For all women, perimenopause, menopause or for any woman who is interested in knowing more about how to navigate and reap the most of the change when it arrives.

Book here with Paypal

Investment £18 which includes inspiring and educational materials via email after the workshop

Practical Magic –  Herbs & Aromatherapy for Facial Skincare

Wednesday 9th September – 10.30am – 1.30pM


Practical Magic Herbs Workshop – Herbal Winter Healers

Monday 5th October  – 10.30am – 1.30pm £50 all materials includedPrairie Garden

Three workshops this year, each with a different theme – can be done as a course or individually.

Spaces limited to 8 this year instead of 14 to allow us a safe experience

On this inspirational workshop, Nalini will guide you on a morning of creativity, nature and healing and teach you some ‘Practical Magic’ to take home with you. From gathering herbs and making products, to meditative moments and peacefulness, this workshop will appeal to both the practical and the mystical – open to everyone who would love to know more about healing herbs, wild plants, aromatherapy and natural remedies.

As we head towards winter, come and make some natural remedies to keep your immune system healthy, and make some products to beat the winter blues if they do make an appearance!

Nature has a great pharmacy that we can utilise and we’ll make some lovely products including a ‘breathe’ eucalyptus vapour-rub, a protective and healing lip balm and a natural cough syrup that also boosts immunity.  You will receive loads of info and recipes that you can take home with you to make lots of great products at home, and maybe make your own Christmas presents too!

As always, a meditative element will be included and moments of peacefulness and inner calm form part of this inspiring morning.

Book here with Paypal

Investment £50 all materials included

Autumn Equinox – Inner Harvest (online)

Sacred space for women

Saturday 19th Sept – 2pm – 4pm!Free Guide

Reflection, journalling, restorative yoga, nidra… and an Equinox ritual to light up our lives

Continuing our walk around the Wheel of the Year to celebrate solstices and equinoxes – we find ourselves now at Autumn Equinox; day and night are equal now and this is a time of balance.  Autumn Equinox is about reviewing our year to date, and seeing what has been harvested in our lives.  Delving into the magic of this special time of year.

With the lockdown this year, we have had the time for reflection, to see where our lives are going, maybe to make changes going forwards – and also to touch a sense of gratitude for what we have, and what we have achieved.

This gorgeous workshop is a great opportunity to slow down and see where we are at on our path in life.  To look at the abundance we have and open to sense of wholeness.  Sacred Circle Women’s Space – we need these!

Soft, gentle yoga and a session of scrummy yummy yoga nidra to ease into a state of relaxed bliss!

Candles, flowers, journals, yoga – and a little  bit of magic!

Book here with Paypal

Investment £18 (includes handouts which will be emailed to you)

Right Here, Right Now! – Dance of Awareness & Yoga Nidra

Sunday 11th October – 10.30am – 12.3opm

Handcross Parish Hall, High Street, Handcross, RH17 6BJ

The present moment is the only moment we have, and when we can let go of the past and the future to be here now, life takes on new meaning.

Dancing is a doorway to the present and this workshop will ease you into the moment with joy, awareness and a sense of being truly alive!  Dance of Awareness invites us to move through old imprints and move into our authenticity as it is right now.

The usual mix of safe space, great music and a lot of fun.

Book here with Paypal

£20 in advance, £25 on the door.

Scents & Sensibility – an aromatherapy workshop

Saturday 24th October – 2pm-5pm

Total Therapy Studios, Horsham

Come and immerse yourself in gorgeous scents and learn the myriad of uses of
aromatherapy oils. Not just for massage, these oils are a joy to use for skincare, home-
cleaning and ambient perfuming. They provide a natural method for aiding many common
health issues too from colds and flu, to insomnia and aching muscles. Knowing how to work
safely with essential oils, they quickly become a part of our lives.

“I use them in my natural skincare range, for relaxation, cleaning the fridge, sorting out my
cat when he has an abscess, easing stress, boosting my brain power, treating wounds and
burns….and a whole heap of other stuff too!” (Nalini)
This lovely workshop includes:

– The healing properties of essential oils
– How to choose oils and blend them safely
– Making a room spray and a natural wound-healing balm
– Aromatherapy for common ailments
– Oils to relax or energise
– Ways to use essential oils at home
– Handouts to take home with you

I qualified in aromatherapy in 1995 and loves sharing my knowledge and
experience. You will come away with some great ideas, and the confidence to bring the art
of aromatherapy into your everyday life, contributing to green living. Nalini

Book here with Total Therapy Studios

Investment £50 including materials. Also includes a voucher entitling you to 20% off an aromatherapy session with Nalini for future use.

Understanding Yoga Nidra

An informative and relaxing workshop

Sunday 1st November – 1pm – 4pm

Leamington Spa (Bishops Tachbrook)

For yoga teachers, yoga students, or anyone who wants to dive deeper into their understanding of Yoga Nidra and Meditation.  This three hour workshop will give you an in-depth overview of this life-changing practice, and leave you feeling deliciously relaxed and at ease!

While it may look like you are just lying down and relaxing, it goes much deeper than that.  Yoga Nidra provides tools for navigating life with a sense of calmness and peace.  In addition, we learn  how to welcome and respond to whatever conditions arise, without the need to ‘fix’ anything.  A regular practice develops a sense of ease that infiltrates into all areas of our lives.

Yoga Nidra is also an effective tool for restoring the health of the nervous system, helping with stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD

On this workshop, in addition to deeply relaxing sessions of Yoga Nidra, we will explore how Yoga Nidra fits into our yoga practice and the eight limbs of yoga, how it aligns with the koshas; also why it is so important to have an embodied understanding of Yoga Nidra as a meditative and healing practice before sharing it with others.  “My hope is that this workshop will inspire you to really explore Yoga Nidra, through a dedicated self-practice, or through a professional training” (Nalini)

Nalini will share her many years experience of meditation and yoga nidra.  She trained with iRest yoga nidra and with the Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation.  She lived at the Ananda Yoga and Meditation Centre in Italy for many  years before returning to the UK in 2014.  She also trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Yoni Shakti – Women’s Wellness Yoga and teaches regular yoga, yoga nidra and meditation classes and workshops.

Book here with Paypal. Investment £35

Ananda Christmas Meditation, Chanting & Satsang

Sunday 13th December, 10am – 1pm Reigate – click here for details.

“I have participated on a variety of Nalini’s workshops and courses and loved them all! I could go as far as saying they have transformed my outlook on life: The herbal workshops have reconnected me to nature and opened my eyes to the chemicals in commercial products; her yoga and nidra have been the tonic to a fast paced life.  However, Nalini has been much more then a teacher- I would definitely describe her as a life coach for women’s wellness! Thank you Nalini- look forward to another workshop”! (Vicki Fitzpatrick, teacher)

“Thank you for a wonderful morning of dance and yoga nidra.  Every time it is a different experience and I take away new ideas and realisations.  It is so enjoyable and revitalising, and unlike anything else” (Regular Dancemantra attendee)