Practical Magic – Herbs Ebook

Wheel of the Year by Gwen Davies. Copyright. Used with her permission

Practical Magic…… Seasonal tips and herbal remedies for Health and Well-Being

One of my passions is working with the seasons and creating natural skincare and health products from the gorgeous array of herbs and wild plants that nature offers us. So let’s take a walk around the Wheel of the Year and you can pick up some great tips and recipes for the seasons as we wend our way….

In times gone by, our ancestors lived much more in tune with the seasons and nature, partly because they weren’t living in big cities and were living closer to the earth, but also because of the wisdom of following nature’s natural cycles. The seasons have a lot to teach us about how to live our own lives. This e-book covers all 4 seasons of the year. It’s packed with tips and remedies for your well-being.

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Luna Hare is one of my my best-loved books – Wendy’s art is sublime. (Photo used with permission of the author)

Wendy’s book is a treasure you will keep for life