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Autumn at Home…

Online classes?  When I was first asked to teach them, I had a HUGE resistance!  How on earth could that be an option, so impersonal blah blah.  I gave in of course, what other option was there during lockdown?  And I was so pleasantly surprised!  Not only do I teach online, I attend online classes and just love the convenience of it all, and the possibility to go to things that I wouldn’t usually be able to get to.

I was concerned about the connection – it’s amazingly good!  I have held a few workshops online with great success, weekly classes, and really lovely sharing amongst us all.  So though I am back at the studios teaching live, I’m continuing with the online platform too as it works so well and many of you love it.

On dark evenings, what could be better than getting stuck into time out without having to go out?!  Pillows, cushions blankets, candles……and at the end of a deliciously relaxing yoga nidra, you don’t have to move – brilliant!

Two classes coming up and keep an eye out for workshops (planning a menstrual cycle awareness one for December!)

Gorgeously soft and healing women’s wellness yoga, relaxation and sharing – at home

Online Mondays 10am 6 weeks from 2nd November

Online Wednesday evenings 7pm from tomorrow! (7th October)

Classes continue into the Autumn and it’s the perfect time to be warm and cosy at home without the need to go out.  All you have to do is grab a couple of pillows and cushions, a warm blanket and a candle, and ease into some healing and inspirational time out, ahhhhh!

These classes are suitable for all women, no yoga experience necessary.  They include gentle movement, breath work, and a deliciously relaxing session of yoga nidra.  Nidra is a deeply healing and relaxing practice done lying down that really helps calm down the nervous system, which is where we store our stress and hyper-arousal.  It helps with sleep, stress, fibromyalgia, CFS and other common challenges.  Great for women who do too much….. (probably all of us!)

We leave time for a check in with each other too which is always open and honest and very supportive.  There’s usually a little bit of homework to get you pondering things like your core values, what’s important for you etc.

All details here

I would love to see you, any questions, please email me.

All blessings, Nalini xx

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