ScarWork and Scar Healing

Breast surgery, mastectomy, C-Section, Joint Replacements, and all types of scars

Improves the functionality and appearance of scars – effective on any age of scar

What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a light-touch scar-healing therapy that can result in profound changes, both physically and emotionally, helping you to look and feel better.  ScarWork evolved from the Rolfing Technique of realignment and was developed by Sharon Wheeler.  It can promote the healing of scars no matter how old they are.  Scars respond, irrelevant of their age and the healing period continues for a week or so after treatment.   

What does it do?

ScarWork can aid the healing and functionality of scars, releasing tightness, reducing sensitivity and pain, and improving both appearance and mobility.  Because scar tissue quality changes rapidly and easily, lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots, and strings in the tissue can smooth out quickly.  Starting with the surface layers, the work continues into the far reaches of the scar.   

The work is gentle and the amount of change in one intervention can be extensive with scars appearing smoother, flatter and less prominent, often with profound functional changes including a release of the tightness and adhesions common to many scars.  Clients report improved mobility, less sensitivity, and often, relaxation and relief over the trauma of the scarring.

How can it help?

ScarWork can help with all scars, whatever age they are, including breast surgery, c-section, joint replacements, abdominal scars, self-harm scars, wounds and burns. Apart from the physical improvements of ScarWork, itIt can also help integrate the emotional impact connected to the scarring.  Nalini is an experienced emotional wellbeing therapist and holds a safe and healing space.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions you need will depend on the type of scar you have. Many scars, especially smaller ones, require just one session, whilst more complex scars may need more sessions.  Once the ScarWork is complete, there is no need to repeat the treatment.

Sessions in person in Horsham or Crawley (Handcross).  

60 minutes £55

90 minutes £75

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