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Horsham and Crawley, West Sussex

Supporting  and guiding you through personal growth, change and healing

Whether you’re in the midst of change, have issues that need healing, or simply need some support in your life, I’m here to help.  Working on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, my sessions will empower you and help you to move forwards.  I work with women on many issues, including menstrual and menopause health, stress and anxiety, grief, change and womb healing. 

Holistic solutions for period pain, PMT, hot flushes, fertility boost, emotional overwhelm, tiredness and joint pain.

 Validating and healing the womb stories that have never been fully heard, including miscarriage, abortion and birth trauma. 

Supporting you through periods of change and uncertainty.


 1. Menstrual Cycle Health & Coaching in West Sussex

Period pain, PMT, tiredness, anxiety, infertility, negativity around your cycle?

Heal symptoms naturally.  Boost your energy and self-esteem

Your cycle is your inbuilt health, stress, and energy management system, and the absolute key to balanced living and increased well-being.

I offer personal mentoring and healing to guide you into a transformative relationship with your cycle that will positively impact, and empower, every area of your life.  Creating more harmony in your relationships, and increasing wellness, creativity and spirituality.

Knowing your cycle intimately not only improves menstrual health and reduces symptoms, it optimises how you manage your time and energy. 

Having a positive relationship with your cycle brings an ease into life that simply won’t have been there before.  We have a deep wisdom encoded in our bodies that, once recognised, works in partnership with us on all levels.  Negativity around our cycle is an ingrained response from a society that has made our periods taboo.  Our cycle, when fully engaged with knowledgeably, is our best ally. 

Think about the seasons of nature and how there are gifts in each one, and a natural rhythm that waxes and wanes.  Their rhythm is fully reflected in the ‘inner seasons’ of our menstrual cycle, and there truly is a ‘season for everything; times to go for it and times to really slow it down’.  Going against these natural rhythms is a major cause of disruption to our health, wellbeing and happiness. 

We simply cannot work against our cycle’s intelligence without experiencing a negative impact on our health and well-being. 

Once we begin to harmonise with the inner seasons, everything changes.  Believe me, the difference is incredible!  

You’ll be surprised and delighted by the profound changes that unfold as you come home to yourself through this life-changing, yet simple work.  I often accompany this work with Womb Yoga and other healing techniques to enhance healing if it’s required.

One to one sessions in Horsham and Crawley, West Sussex.  Bespoke mentorship Packages to support you.

“I’m passionate about the depth of change that working positively with the cycle brings to our lives – it’s a fundamental necessity for all women.  It is also the best preparation for Menopause.  I reduced pain and PMT drastically, got to really know myself, and learnt how to live in a truly congruent way”. (Nalini)

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2. Menopause Support in West Sussex

Hot flushes, anxiety, exhaustion, sleep issues, emotional overwhelm, brain fog, anger?

Not sure how to cope with the change?

Menopause can bring its own set of challenges and leave us at a loss as to how we can deal with them.  Working with me will support you in viewing this key change in a positive way, and finding solutions that work for you and your life.

Our bodies are trying to tell us something when symptoms become overwhelming;  they are asking us to slow down, listen and make some necessary changes in our lives.  We can’t always see these clearly and the support that I offer will help you reset where you need to, and look at the issues that are causing you problems.  Bear in mind that rest and good self-care are non-negotiable during this transition and need to be part of your life now.  This is both an empowering (and often confusing) time in a woman’s life, and a time when support is invaluable.  This is your time now, let me help you make the most of it and enjoy it! 

Menopause is a ‘Rite of Passage’ and  traversing  the journey with knowledge, support and tools helps to navigate the changes it demands of us.  

I work with a blend of coaching and mentoring, holistic therapy, and gentle yoga techniques that ease symptoms naturally.  Because my approach is deeply rooted in my own healing and experience, as well as professional training, I can support you on your own journey – expertly and naturally.

One to one sessions in Horsham and Crawley, West Sussex.  Or  a bespoke mentorship to support you.

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3. Validating & Healing our Womb Stories

Healing and integration of loss through miscarriage and termination of pregnancy

Acknowledging and healing birth trauma and hysterectomy

I  hold space for acknowledging and integrating the difficult, and often underestimated loss of a pregnancy through either a miscarriage or a termination.  When this experience goes unacknowledged, it can leave a deep wound within, causing sadness, stress and shame.  Your experience needs to be validated to be able to heal, and this rarely happens.  Working with womb yoga and healing techniques, and with the power  of simple ritual,  I am always deeply touched by women’s stories and feel honoured to be part of them as they come into the open to be heard, held and healed.  

Working with you on the healing of birth trauma for C-Section birth, and also for the loss of the physical womb through hysterectomy.   These sessions work at a deep emotional healing level, and where appropriate, incorporate ScarWork Therapy for the physical scarring.  

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4.Holistic Coaching

Partnering you to unlock your full potential

  • Coaching gives you the tools and confidence to empower you to:
  • realise your purpose and full potential
  • achieve more balance and harmony in your life
  • release emotional blocks
  • make the changes you desire
  • open to new ways of thinking and being
  • meet challenges head on and deal with them
  • develop healthy boundaries
  • go deeper into your spiritual awareness
  • move outside your comfort zone and grow

Exploring life from both a physical and spiritual perspective, holistic coaching aims for deeper fulfilment and contentment.  Challenging limiting beliefs and old ways of being.  Taking full responsibility for your life.  Motivating you to go for your dreams. Freeing you to be who you truly are, not who you have been conditioned to be.

Support and tools to empower you  – every step of the way. You are worth the investment in yourself.

Holistic coaching in Horsham and Crawley, West Sussex. 

Sessions in person in Horsham or Crawley (Handcross).  Sessions also available online.

60 minutes £55

90 minutes £75

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“Nalini has this wonderful combination of humour and wisdom, a true connector.  Her enthusiasm and reverence for whatever it is she is teaching, from an herbal workshop, to meditation techniques, transmits as joy, and joy is inspiring. Her willingness to share her own journey, her own imperfections and humanness with humour and compassion towards herself….allows people to consider that for themselves as well””. (Andrea)

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“I attended Nalini’s menopause workshop.  We were able to discuss intimate challenges in a very supported, non judgmental and warm environment.  Some very gentle and slow yoga was incorporated too, which I found very beneficial. I think that this course would be extremely helpful for anyone who is approaching or going through this part of their life.  People are are so lucky to have Nalini to help them as they start out on the road of the menopause. (J. Shuker)

“I really enjoyed the Yoga Menopause workshop. I think you need a whole day or longer as there is so much more to learn and Nalini has so much knowledge in this area. From Yoga Nidra to amazing breathing exercises I loved it. All women should attend this workshop”. (Lois, business manager)

Nalini’s testimony to Alexandra Pope (her teacher), cofounder of Red School, and author of ‘Wild Power’.

“This work has, and continues, to influence my life at the deepest level and I thank you for, and honour you for this amazing gift that you have given, to me, to so many others.  As you know, my own entrance at the door of menopause was pretty dramatic, and I can honestly say that without the understanding I had from practicing cycle awareness and of the menopause rite of passage, I don’t think I would have got through it!  Doing the training was one of the best decisions of my life and I wanted you to know that”.

“I can’t tell you how lovely it was to read how powerful the training has been for you.  It really sounds like you have worked that menopause passage with such enormous grace.  It was a huge transition that you had to make and you have stayed so true to your deep self. You will have something so very precious to offer women. You’ll be such a clean container for them to make sense of their own menopause journey”.   Alexandra Pope to Nalini.

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