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Summer draws to an end and we ease into Autumn.  Still some warm, sunny days ahead of us and the magic of watching the leaves start to turn and grace us with a myriad of colours and beauty.

Nights are drawing in quickly now, and many are sighing with discontent!  But wait!  Can you imagine how it would be to live near the equator?  To have equal day and night all year round, always the same?  Gosh, I would be so bored with that.  I can remember working in Africa, finishing work at 5 and it being a hot day.  No looking forward to sitting outside in daylight, all dark by 6pm, every day without fail.  Light at 6am every day without fail!  Sigh. Now THAT’s something to sigh about!

So, look on the bright side, isn’t it marvellous that we have those long, summer evenings with so much daylight?  And the opposite coming in during the dark half of the year.   Magical!

I love the seasons, they have so much to teach us about how to live.  Autumn always points the way to slowing down on the energy of high summer and starting to quieten down a little and begin the descent inwards into deeper waters.  Time to reflect on the harvest of my year so far, what has happened, what has grown?  And with the changing of the season, changing colours of the earth, what needs changing in my own life?  We always ponder these reflections in my regular meditation group on a Friday evening.  We have a special evening to celebrate each solstice and equinox and to mark the transition.  It’s a lovely thing to do.

Soooo… Autumn is easing in as we pass the equinox when day and night were equal, and come into the darker time of year.  So many magical things around now though!  Look out for shiny conkers bursting forth from prickly shells, I can never resist having a few in my pocket.  Seeing the squirrels with nuts in their paws, stocking up their larders for the coming months. Spider webs sparkling with morning dew. Halloween on its way, the most important festival for the pagan community – a time when the veil is the thinnest between worlds and we remember our ancestors.  So looking forward to getting creative with a door step altar again this year, will it be different from last year’s??  My American friend was here last year – and you know what they are like about Halloween!  I kinda got into the groove with her, especially after she bought me my very own broomstick!

Mother Earth has laid a quilt over the land of differing, more subdued colours now as she starts to turn her gaze inwards towards deep rest and renewal – hmm, maybe not such a bad idea for us too!  Lovely, long evenings cozyed up with books, cats and hot chocolate.  Wood stove not lit yet, that is a winter pleasure yet to come!  Plenty of candles though to shed a warm glow to my home.

So don’t be blue because of the shorter days, look for all the beauty in nature, both physically and also to what she teaches through the changing seasons.  And my boots collection is on its way out!  Can you imagine life without being able to wear boots!!  Unthinkable!


So, what about our health and well-being in this season?  What can we do to look after ourselves?  Well, let’s have a look at the plants and what we can utilize for free.

Rosehips from the wild dog rose – go foraging, fill a glass jar or bottle with them and cover in apple cider vinegar – leave on a sunny (or not!) windowsill for a couple of weeks to allow all that gorgeous Vitamin C to pour out.  Then strain your liquid, and take a teaspoon daily in warm water as a great immune boost.

Nasturtium flowers – those lovely bright flowers are a natural anti-biotic, just eat a few!  Don’t go too mad, two or three will do.

Sage – love her!  Make a strong tea, leave to cool and use as a gargle if a sore throat is challenging.

Thyme – makes a wonderful herbal tea, good for when we have a cold but drink it regularly too to keep the winter blues at bay.  Just put a sprig in a mug of water just off the boil, leave to stand for 5 minutes and then drink – it tastes amazing!  Add honey to help soothe if you like.

Echinacea – a well-known immune booster.  Buy the tincture and take it daily during the build up to winter, it is really a great preventative measure.  You can tincture the roots if you have it in your garden.  Dig up the root, wash thoroughly and chop into a glass jar.  Fill with vodka and leave to mature for about a month.  Strain and bottle.  Add 10 to 20 drops to water twice daily.  If you want to buy it, A.Vogel are a good company to buy from.

Conkers!  – Those gorgeous shiny horse chestnuts are great for varicose veins and thread veins!  Chop them and tincture as above.  Only 5 drops twice daily, they can be toxic if overdone so be careful.

Essential Oils

You can use them in the bath or in an oil if you do get caught with winter ailments.

At onset of a cold or flu – hot baths with a blend of 3 drops lavender and 3 drops marjoram OR 3 drops lavender and 3 drops eucalyptus.  Add to a little honey or milk and add to a pre-run bath, shut the door and inhale the steam.  Use the marjoram blend if that achy body symptom is present, it really helps.

Steam inhalation.  Add water just off the boil to a large, pyrex bowl, add two to three drops in total of one or a mix of eucalyptus, camphor, thyme or ti tree.  The steam in itself fights germs and the oils ease coughs, congestion and are anti-viral.  Just put your head over the bowl, cover with a towel and breathe in the steam.  Stay for at least 5 minutes.

More recipes to follow in the winter newsletter, I hope you won’t need them but it’s great to use natural stuff rather than medicines to help.

And if all else fails, come and see me for a warming session!  I can always make you feel so much better.  Lovely, warming aromatherapy oils, yummy!  And try mixing that with a hot stones massage for a real double whammy!  Just what the cooler days call for! Mmmmmm, nice!



Had a great workshop at the end of September on making natural products from the Autumn plants and herbs!  Always such a joy for me to share the magic and teach how to make lotions and potions.  More workshops coming in Spring if you missed out on this one.  Keep an eye on the calendar next year.


I just love doing these.  I will be sharing lots of tips in my blogs so keep up to date and learn some interesting fact and folklore…



‘Right Here, Right Now’ – A Dance of Awareness Event

Sunday 12th November – Lower Beeding Hall 10.30 – 12.30

Come and warm up those bodies and join us for a Dancemantra two hour morning class – see website for full event details.  These dance workshops are a great success and everyone is enjoying them, no special steps required, this is free dance, moving how you feel in the moment.

Full details are here

Regular events held by me and my friend Kathryn Premshakti Varley


Inspired!  New Year one day workshop

Saturday 30th December – at beautiful Sedgwick Park House, Horsham

An inspiring and motivating workshop to enter into the New Year with calmness, clarity and ease of being.

Join us for a great day that will include yoga nidra, some meditative practice, dance and journalling and will conclude with a glorious outdoor fire ritual for letting go of the old and bringing in the new.  Breathe life into your very being and go forwards with vision and trust.

Full details will be available from September but please do contact Nalini if you would like more info.

Prem Kathryn Varley  (Horsham Yoga) and Nalini are holding the space for  this day together.


Hope to see you on a workshop soon, please do call if you would like to chat about them before deciding.

Many many Autumn blessings to you, get into the magic and enjoy!  Love Nalini x

(October 2017)

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