Gratitude and the Arrival of Autumn

Autumn Equinox – candles and conkers

The wheel of the year turns and we arrive at Autumn Equinox – and the weather turns at that exact moment!  Still warm though as we start to crunch leaves underfoot.

Autumn Equinox signifies gratitude, for the harvest of the land, and also for the things we appreciate in our own lives… family and friends, warm days, nature, that we can choose what food we eat…there are so many things in our lives that we often take for granted.  Starting a gratitude journal and jotting down three things daily starts to have a really positive effect on our psyche and our lives, definitely worth giving it a go!

Autumn Equinox Yoga

So as we ease into Autumn, loving the seasons as I do, we had a heart-warming yoga class Friday evening.  Very little yoga actually happened as it goes, we were busy making an Equinox mandala and chatting.  A lovely Autumn yoga nidra was included though – time for deep rest and relaxation.  The best tool I know for women who do too much…like most of us!

I have run a few Practical Magic herb workshops this year, sharing knowledge on how to work with wild plants and herbs and how to make natural skincare products – they have been sold out and I am so delighted that many of us want to return to the ancient knowledge we once had.  Big thanks to Sussex Prairies for hosting me, and if you haven’t been there, it is absolutely worth a visit.  Their last weekend is next weekend and then they will reopen in June.  They also happen to have the best home-made cake by the way!  I will be running workshops there again next year so keep an eye on the calendar.

Practical Magic Herb Course

My biggest challenge at present is getting up early to teach a Rise and Shine 7.15am yoga class in Haywards Heath Friday mornings – quite proud of myself for rolling out of bed and getting there!  But I have to say, the energy is so still at that time of the morning, I am actually enjoying getting up at dawn!

Lots of things happening in the next few months, full details on the events page of my website.

I am in the process of changing my website so bear with me, it changes daily at the moment!

I am also working on a brand-new range of natural skincare and am very excited about it!  Watch this space!

Blessings and I hope the Autumn is a great time for you.  Really looking forward to the change of the colours as the trees turn, a trip to Sheffield Park on the horizon!

Nalini x

Upcoming events for the rest of the year include the following:

Sunday 6th Oct
2pm – 5pm
Wild Yoga Herbs and Nidra Workshop
Sunday 13th Oct
10.30 -12.20
‘Autumn Expression’
Dance and Nidra
Saturday 26th Oct
10.30 – 1pm
Yoga for Menopause Workshop
Yogaananda Reigate
Saturday 9th Nov
2pm – 5pm
Peri and Menopause Workshop
Saturday 30th Nov
10am – 5pm
Winter Meditation Day Retreat

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