Healing herbs, yoga and women’s wellness

Rhythms of Life Workshop Sunday 3rd March

Nourishing yoga especially for women.  Exploring the rhythms of women’s lives, practicing some lovely, gentle yoga and nidra, and delving a little into how nature is encoded in our bodies.  Practices that support women during menstruation, menopause, pre and post pregnancy, a softer approach that honours women’s bodies and minds. Full details and bookings here

Spring is in the air!  Gorgeously misty mornings this week with the sun breaking through and warming the bones, feels sooo good!   The birds are busy busy and huge bumblebees out and about checking out my garden….Daphne is in flower with its heady jasmine-like scent, hellibores and snowdrops everywhere and new life really stirring now.  Lighter evenings always amaze me when they start happening, despite the fact that it happens every year!  The way the seasons and the light changes always brings such delight and awe.  Means the juicer needs to come out now so I can shift the mince pies off my middle!  What is it about winter that makes carbs and cakes so attractive?!

Prairie Garden
Prairies Workshop Space

Lots happening this year, there’s a great mix including lots of women’s workshops (two dedicated to menopause), dance and of course my witchy herby workshops where you can come and learn some ‘practical magic’ about the healing properties of herbs and wild plants and make some luscious natural products for body and soul while you are at it.

New women’s wellness yoga class has just started in Horsham, Tuesdays at 5.30 too – really gentle and healing yoga and relaxation, yummy!

Full list of events can be found on my website and these are the upcoming ones.  Please always feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about an event.  Private meditation group for the teachings of Yogananda open to those of you that really want to make meditation a part of your daily life.  I will be running this at home on a monthly basis, sharing the key meditation practices that bring calm and joy into our lives.

Spring newsletter on its way once Equinox arrives, full of tips for using all those wild plants and herbs to help bring some new energy into both body and mind! Enjoy this glorious sunshine! All blessings Nalini xx

Sunday 3rd March
10.30 – 13.30
Feminine Essence of Yoga Workshop
Total Therapy Studios Horsham
Saturday 16th March,

and 13th April 11.00 – 13.00

Nourish, Rest and Restore – Yoga for Women
Yogaananda Reigate
Sunday 17th March
10.30 -12.30
Rhythms of the Heart Dancemantra
Handcross (near Horsham)
Saturday 27th April
2pm – 5pm
Menopause – easing the journey.
Saturday 18th May
11am – 1pm
Dissolving in the Dance Dancemantra
Saturday 22nd June
10am to 2pm
Practical Magic Herbs Workshop
Sussex Praries Garden, Henfield
Saturday 13th July
2pm – 4pm
Dare to Rest!

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