Partnering with Your Menstrual Cycle for Health and and Happiness

Our Menstrual Cycle is our Tool for Life!

When we really learn about our cycle and how to work with it as an ally, life changes for the better!  We change as we go through the month, and our abilities change too.  Once we know what is happening, we start to live our lives differently, and really importantly, stop giving ourselves a hard time!  If we try mental planning on day 26 for example, we are doomed for failure – and to make matters worse, our self-esteem is knocked sideways!  Once we realise that the best mental planning times are in the first half of our cycle, we start being a bit kinder to ourselves.

The second half of the cycle is full of creativity, intuition and clarity – but it’s not the time to put that into action!  Difficult conversations are good in the first half of the month, and we feel much more social then too.  So when we really don’t feel like partying or chatting at certain times, rather than beating ourselves up, we know why we feel like that and can follow the rhythms our cycle has been trying to teach us for years!  Peace and healing are the results.  Include empowerment with that!

These are just a few examples of how working with, and not against, our cycle can really empower us.  Healing takes place as PMT, pain and stress drop away.  I speak from experience and can say honestly that working with my own cycle changed my life radically!

On this inspiring workshop, you will fall in love with your cycle as you see the absolute wisdom it contains.  Gentle yoga and nidra too to ease away tension.

If I could teach women one thing, it would be this work; our cycle is our best friend when we acknowledge it and step into how it shows us, very simply, how to live our lives.  Women were honoured many moons ago for the blood mysteries, and we are slowly waking up again to the absolute perfection of the wisdom in the cycle.

Hope you will come and join me for a life-changing workshop this Sunday!

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