Upcoming Herb Workshops and Women’s Wellness Events


Workshops for 2023

Spring is finally in the air (well, the sun was out on and off today and there are a lot of daffodils out at least!)  It’s inspired me to get my workshops on line and share the dates with you.

I’m at Sussex Prairies again this year, my favourite venue – the owners are great, the cake is exceptional, and the gardens are just a delight!  I love being here and holding my events, and as well as my Practical Magic Herb Workshops, I have a couple of new ones coming up to.  Here are the dates, and full details can be found by clicking here:

Saturday 24th June – Summer Solstice Practical Magic Workshop

Friday 21st July – Aromatherapy for Body, Mind and Soul Workshop

Saturday 29th July – Practical Magic Herb Workshop

Saturday 9th September – The Women’s Relaxation Workshop

I’m also holding a Women’s Wellness Workshop at Total Therapy Studios in Horsham on Saturday 20th May, details will be on my website soon.  I’m running this with Sarah, the owner, and between us we’ll give you a great afternoon of gentle exercise, and deep relaxation for women, mixing our skill set.

Bookings are open for Sussex Praires, and I hope to see you soon!

With blessings for new beginnings as Spring bursts into bloom!

Nalini x


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