Connecting from the Heart – Week Seven Lockdown

Here we are in week seven of lockdown with an uncertain future and no clear direction.  During such times, (and if we’re honest, always in life), we have need of each other, our communities, and of a deeper connection to ourselves.  Nothing is ever guaranteed, life is a constant changing tapestry, and perhaps at this time more than ever before, we have the opportunity to take each day as it comes and live completely in the present.

This isn’t always easy of course!  For me personally, I have no idea what my future is going to look like, but I do know it isn’t going to look like what I had thought it would – and therein lies the deepest lesson – nothing is for certain and the only moment we truly have is right here and now.  I can spend my time worrying about it, or I can surrender to this moment with a faith and trust that whatever it looks like, all will be well.  This is where yoga, meditation, yoga nidra or your personal practice can be so helpful.

Witchy Hollow in full bloom!

Despite what is happening, or because of it, there is some beautiful connectedness happening and many many things that are bringing me such gratitude right now.  The lushness of this Spring and the amazing weather we have been blessed with, birdsong, these clear clear skies we are seeing, a quietness unknown, and a sense of community that I really hope continues into the future.  Community has the power to give everyone a place and to feel validated and worthy.

Communities – real and online!

As some of you know, I lived in spiritual community in Italy for many years and the benefits of it aren’t to be underestimated.  With the current situation, I can hear Yogananda’s words so clearly – “you need to build small intentional communities and live a simpler life”.  Absolutely! I am looking into this with a few other people and who knows what may be possible, it’s the start of an adventure!

In the meantime, we have our online community and I have been so pleasantly surprised by how well it is working out.  I am doing my usual weekly classes online and have also held a menopause workshop and a meditation class with great success.  There is still an intimacy, and I feel it is good for us to see familiar faces, and also to have the opportunity to meet new ones too.  The joy of online is that we can join anything, location no problem!  I have had the pleasure of meeting new people on my classes, and of going to a teacher that I really like to do hers too; distance has been a block before.

Sacred Women’s Circle – starting next week..

I have a new class starting next week, the theme of which has always been very dear to my heart.  The class is a Scared Women’s Circle – Nourishing Yoga and Nidra.  After witnessing how supportive the online menopause workshop was, I really feel to offer a space in which we can meet in sisterhood, be with like-minded women, be able to share some gentle practice, and to support each other during this challenging time, and ongoing.

Starting this Wednesday 13th May at 7.30pm, it is £18 for a block of 4 classes at a time, and if you miss one, they will be recorded so you won’t miss out on the class (but good to be on it in person if poss for the sharing and satsang).  I really hope you will come and join me and give yourself an hour of peacefulness, support and nourishment.

The Power of Prayer

I think one of the most challenging things for me right now, is not being able to see my Dad who is on the vulnerable list due to medical challenges right now, and I so want to be able to give him a huge hug and go see him.  This is happening to lots of us I know, the reality of not being able to be near our loved ones, especially when they have health issues and could use our support.  If anyone has a need of healing prayers, please let me know as I am part of some prayer circles that will keep you in the light.  I and my family, are so touched by the response to my FB posts asking for prayers and thank you so very much, we can feel them!

Love and blessings and really hope to see you soon.  Online for now, better than nothing, and in person soon.

Nalini xx

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