Autumn Drawing Near..


Autumn Equinox

I can’t quite believe that we are heading our way towards Autumn Equinox already – it feels very early this year, probably because of lockdown.  Time is a strange thing, and definitely not linear!  Maybe also because of this very hot weather we’re having (which I absolutely love!)

At the same time, I’m picking up shiny, brown conkers from the garden which always put a smile on my face as they are so beautiful.  My garden looks a picture too at this time of year with gorgeous, subtle colours everywhere, and a few Autumn leaves already showing up.  Back to the conkers – allegedly, if you put them on windowsills, they stop spiders coming in….Hmm, I tried as I’m always up for some natural magic!  And sadly, I have to say, it’s not working here!  I had a HUGE spider show up this morning in my living room!  If anyone has any other tips, please let me know!!  I always manage to catch them in a jug and get them outside, but it’s not my favourite hobby!

Autumn equinox is on us – when day and night are equal.

A time of balance before we tip into shorter days rapidly now, and a time to reflect on our ‘inner harvest’ this year.  Maybe lockdown gave you the opportunity to slow right down and ponder where your life is going; maybe you made some changes.  Or perhaps some real gifts came out of it for you.

It’s always good on the solstices and equinoxes to take our awareness inwards and introspect a little, as well as to set some intentions for the next phase of the Wheel of the Year.

My ‘Inner Harvest’ Equinox Workshop is happening this Saturday afternoon (19th September) and is online.  We’ll be delving into the Wheel of the Year, looking at the special magic of Lammas (Autumn Equinox), journalling, chatting, and sharing a lovely  ritual to mark this important time of year.  We’ll be doing some gentle, nourishing women’s yoga, and easing into pure bliss with a lovely, long session of yoga nidra too!  The fun part is setting up your own Autumn altar for the workshop – you can get really creative with this!  It’s SO good for us as women to connect with Mother Earth and honour her seasons – she has so much to share with us!

I hope you’ll come and join me; the summer solstice workshop in June was a great success online and this will be a lovely afternoon.

Upcoming Workshops

Lots more workshops coming up too including two in person yoga nidra workshops, and an aromatherapy workshop too!  Have a look under ‘events’ for full details.

It’s been an unusual year which isn’t over yet.  This is an epic moment in time, and I believe some really positive change will come out of it.  I hope you are doing reasonably well with it all, but if you are struggling, please get in touch as I may be able to support you with some coaching or stress management.

I’m running an online Wednesday evening class which focuses on gentle and restorative yoga, and breathwork techniques that are great for stress and anxiety.  And of course some yoga nidra too which really works on calming things down.

I really look forward to seeing you soon and sending blessings for health and wellbeing.

Enjoy the change of season and stay safe and well.

With love

Nalini xx


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